June 23, 2024


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Summer training, mistakes to avoid and advice from the expert

Better to vary the fitness routine and train in moderation: here are the precautions to follow for a correct workout

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There are those who have postponed their appointment with sport to September and those, however, despite the heat, continue to train. But be careful not to overdo it: you shouldn’t expect too much from your body. Often, in fact, thanks to the desire to optimize the time available and the desire to regain perfect physical shape, we tend to do more than we should by pushing ourselves beyond our limits: training too much can prove to be counterproductive and expose to risks. So how to set thesummer training?

How to set up your fitness routine

“Regardless of the type of training performed, whether it is aerobic or not, any person should stay away from overtraining which can be normal in high-level sportsmen due to the inevitable seasonal cycle but, for those who simply want to stay fit and healthy, they must avoid training with too high intensity and volumes.

Cortisol, also called the stress hormone, could undergo such changes as to make it difficult to rest during the night; heart beats during over-training tend to increase, creating a cascade of physiological reactions that are unfavorable to recovery. Overtraining also increases the risk of accidents, this is due to motor gestures performed with less precision. The likelihood of losing lean mass due to catabolism increases considerably. Constance, yes, but without exaggerating ”, he explains Luigi Pezzali, trainer of Urban Fitness, partner of Urban Sports Club.

No to overtraining, yes to 3-4 weekly sessions

How often, then, should you train? “Generally they are recommended 3-4 weekly workouts. In this way you will have the right recovery window to regenerate the body and prepare it better for each new session. It is good to remember that the recovery phase is the basis for raising your future performance in any type of training “, specifies the expert.

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What does it mean to keep the fitness routine unchanged and what is the perfect combination of exercises if you train at home, in the park or in the gym? “Keeping your training unchanged very often means only one thing: stagnation of progress. It is therefore necessary to cycle the exercise park to create new stimuli. A basic workout, which can be done anywhere and which can lead to concrete results, consists in combining multi-joint muscle exercises such as squats, lunges, planks, push-ups and race, fast walk or bike. The strong synergy leads the body to better oxygenation, general toning and even greater expression of strength and generalized lipolysis, ”says the trainer.

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Mini holiday routine

When on vacation, there is one mini routine to follow in order not to completely stop training? “On vacation, in addition to enjoying the well-deserved relaxation, we recommend a smart training mini circuit, to be repeated without pauses 2 or 3 times. It can be composed for example of squats or sumo squat without weights (at least 2 minutes), followed by plank (in this article we explained how to do it) and push ups. Surely the body will be more prepared when we return from holidays ”, explains Pezzali.

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How to optimize training

Any suggestions for optimizing training? “In general, we always recommend that you perform the exercises with the utmost accuracy and concentration. Hold the phone in front for timing times muscle contraction and recovery helps: as a rule, the person who controls the timing ends much earlier. Therefore avoid reading messages / emails etc. because this will greatly reduce volumes, intensity and consequently the effectiveness of the session. It must also be remembered that haste is the enemy: motor gestures must always be performed with the utmost attention to avoid potential injuries. I also recommend always set yourself goals and seek constancy. It’s not been 3 or 4 weeks that they will do the magic. In general, physical exercise should be considered as a drug to be self-administered for the future good. An investment that will bear fruit over the years, allowing you to potentially spend less money on treatment “, concludes the expert.