May 26, 2024


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Fitness and outdoor sports, the 8 mistakes to avoid to protect your muscles in the summer

No to a fitness routine that is always the same, to overtraining and drastic diets. Form and well-being are achieved step by step. Here are the tips from the experts

Sabrina Commis

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How to get around in summer and which workout to prefer? In this season, with sun and heat as protagonists, it is important to establish the adequate activities to better protect muscle well-being. Urban Sports Club, the leading application in Europe for access to more than 8,000 fitness centers, involved the trainer partners of Urban Fitness to guide users in the choice of suitable paths to protect the muscles. Experts have identified the most common mistakes and provided solutions to best adapt the sports routine to the period.

– To neglect hydration. In summer you need to be well hydrated to carry out sessions in full vitality, avoiding collapses of performance. It is a good idea to always consume 2 liters of water per day.

– Don’t vary your fitness routine. If you want to achieve meaningful results, you have to stimulate the muscles constantly, to increase progressively loads, to vary recovery times, number of repetitions, exercises. If your body gets used to the same routine, on the principle of conservation, it will tend to spend fewer calories.

– Prefer overtraining. To achieve concrete results, the keywords are slowness and constancy. Thus the body balance it is not damaged, does not generate a cascade of physiological reactions that worsen the training picture.

– Skip the heating. It’s a fundamental passageand in the path. When training ad high temperature, the losses ofsodium and potassium increase and you run the risk of muscle cramps and strains.

– Stop training. Also recommended in summer, keep constant your own fitness routine. If you want to unplug, consider at most 2 or 3 weeks stop so that the recovery is then more natural. The osteo-muscular compartment will thank you.

– Opt for extreme diets. Drastically reducing calorie intake creates one body shock. If you adopt behaviors incorrect food is do-it-yourself, without the guidance of dieticians or nutritionists, you risk the catabolism effect, that is burn fat, but also lean mass, i.e. muscles.

– Worry about the balance. A failure weight loss, it is not synonymous with failure. Often one occurs body recomposition in favor of a greater tone muscle and a lower percentage of fat. And a muscle can weigh up to 4 times more than fat.

– Abandon the fight against cellulite. A battle that must be faced on several fronts: balanced diet, hydration, specific exercises. It is a mistake to think that cellulite can get worse if you practice muscle training with weights, which “swell”. After intense workouts, some swelling is possible, but this improves the microcirculation.

The 3 golden rules to train in complete health.

Combineaerobic activity, running, brisk walking, biking a muscle exercises: the combination of different stimuli allows for a more complete slimming and toning response.

– Aerobic activity and balanced diet, to lose inches up hips and abdomen.

– Use a impedance balance, to check your progress and get correct feedback on your fitness.

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