June 21, 2024


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False car insurance online: 16 precautionary measures between Milan and … – News

Thanks to two call centers and dozens of websites they would be able to fall into their trap thousands of motorists looking for the best insurance deal. Now for the network managed by two brothers originally from Avellino, Federico and Dionigi Catena, the showdown has arrived.

According to what is learned from Ansa 16 people would be subject to precautionary measures and even would have been willing preventive seizures for 30 million euros.

The charges are of conspiracy to commit aggravated fraud, money laundering and self-laundering, fraudulent transfer of values, abusive exercise of insurance and insurance brokerage activities and use of counterfeit trademarks and signs.

The investigations conducted by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Milan, together with colleagues from the provinces of Caserta, Turin and Isernia who are implementing the measures issued by the G.I.P. of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere on the proposal of the Public Prosecutor, they started in 2017 following the complaints presented by primary insurance groups who complained about the marketing of fake RCA insurance policies with their brand.

Two precautionary custody in prison for the Catena brothers and eight under house arrest for the closest collaborators, four signature obligations and two residence obligations, plus twenty other suspects on the loose.

The preventive seizure of assets amounts – as already mentioned – to over 30 million euros, including two slot halls, 18 car dealerships, a company and a clothing store, land, cars, houses and a motorboat.

The mechanism on which the scam was based was quite simple: with call centers and showcase websites, the organization sold fake RCA insurance policies to motorists who only after time, at the first accident or at the first inspection by the authorities they found they had no cover.

A system often denounced also by us at Strip thanks to the services of our correspondent Riccardo Trombetta which several times has unmasked these crafty ones thanks also to the collaboration with IVASS, the Institute for the supervision of insurance.