July 25, 2024


General For All

“Working together for greater insurance protection”

Discuss the initiatives and of tools with which farmers can protect themselves from climate change. This is the goal of the meeting that saw the top management of Coldiretti Cosenza, together with a representative of the Generali Italia Assicurazioni agency, with Franco Laratta, former deputy of the Republic, for some years a member of the Ismea board of directors and recently new president of the Italian Consortium for Insurance in Agriculture (Coriassurance).

Coldiretti presented i data relating to the insurance business in Calabria in the last 5 years, underlining the increase in the insured value, + 17.3%, and in the insured premiums, + 33.5%, compared to 2018. In 2019 the value for vegetable crops exceeded 17 million euros, while the premiums paid were 866 thousand euros. The insured areas reached 3,308 hectares.

Although these data confirm a positive trend, however, the number of insured farmers in Calabria is still low. And unfortunately it still is throughout Italy. In comparison with Laratta they were address possible causes of this situation, which are quite similar in different Italian regions: farmers are wary of the insurance world and, moreover, there is a poor perception of risk linked to climate change that causes more and more damage to businesses. What emerged from the debate is that a greater interest of companies in offering insurance services that protect crops would be needed. The South and in particular Calabria remain uncovered especially with regard to winter vegetables, just think of the production of fennel in many areas of the region. A serious problem, to be addressed.

“Farmers, trade associations, experts, the Region – said Laratta – work together to achieve greater protection insurance as a result of damage from climate change “