November 30, 2023


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The Top 5 Mind-Boggling Facts About Pizza

Pizza is among Americans’ favorite food. Whatever variety of style — from thin as-a-cracker pie topped with veggies to thick Chicago-style pizza stuffed with gobs of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage – pizza makes it to the top of favorite meals lists. 

Here is a list of the top five exciting and fun facts about pizza. Find out how many you know! 

The First Pizza 

Not surprisingly, people think pizza originated from Italy! The origin of pizza came from the ancient ages when Egyptians and Greeks were cooking pizza-like flatbreads topped with spices and olive oil. It then evolved in Naples, Italy, and got topped with tomatoes in the early 18th century. 

America’s Favorite Pizza Topping 

Pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping. Approximately 252 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed yearly in America on pizza. About 36% of pizzas ordered in America are topped up with pepperoni. Pepperoni has a delicious, slightly smoky flavor that makes people love it.    

World’s Pizza Games

The real test of skill is The World Pizza Games. They are held during the yearly international Pizza Expo, where pizza makers are given the opportunity for bragging rights in events like:

  • Fastest pizza box folding 
  • Largest dough stretch 
  • Fastest dough 
  • Freestyle acrobatic dough tossing 

America’s First Pizzeria                                     

New York is America’s first pizzeria. The founder of Big Mario’s Pizza learned his trade in the New York’s pizzerias. Also, New York has a style of pizza named after it. Not surprisingly, New York’s pizzas are famous. Historically, the first New York pizzeria was initially a grocery store before it started selling pizzas in the 20th century. 

The World’s Largest Pizza 

Ottavia is the world’s giant pizza made in Rome and is believed to have been gluten-free. This pizza helped raise awareness about better and healthy dieting. 

Take Away

Keep in mind these mind-boggling facts about pizza the next time your order, and add a veggie or pepperoni to your 14-inch pie. These facts can be a conversation starter or an easy way to amuse your friends or family as you munch into this delicacy.