June 24, 2024


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Worksheet to WOW: 10 ways to upgrade your worksheet

Worksheet to WOW: 10 ways to upgrade your worksheet

Worksheets have been embedded in lecture rooms for years. For a long time. Forever.

The reasons we use them are pretty clear …

1. We want college students to get repetitions with new written content. Repetitions make long term, appropriate? And we hope that the additional stuff that learners do with new content, the more probable it’ll adhere in our brains.

2. They’re ready to use. Most of our textbooks occur with pre-designed worksheets. Photocopy them. Hand them out to college students. The work is carried out … and we failed to have to think way too a lot in the method.

3. They’re quick to grade. Pupils flip them in. We generally quality them en masse. Stick em in the quality ebook and return them to students.

But w want to do much better than the outdated regular photocopy worksheet, right?

(I mean … you might be right here on a write-up about upgrading worksheets for a purpose, aren’t you?)

1. They’re boring. Let’s be straightforward … and recall that meme I’ve observed all above social media: “Thanks for that excellent worksheet” explained no student at any time. Little ones normally hate them.

2. How substantially understanding in fact will come from them? Occasionally, they’re mindless busywork … and when they are senseless, the mind is just not actually turned on. Therefore, incredibly minor mastering.

3. You can find little or no creativity or temperament. This would make it actually tricky to get determined to finish worksheets. Ordinarily, grades are the motivation to finish worksheets … learners want to get excellent grades.Β 

So … can we do far better?

Can we change a worksheet into a “WOW” knowledge?

We are about to find out! Below are 10 methods your classroom technological innovation can help rework your worksheet to “WOW” …

πŸ’‘Share your strategies: How would you change a worksheet to WOW? Share your concepts in a comment underneath!