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To know about the orlistat medication:

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Orlistat medication is one of the medications which are used to treat the behavior change and help to lose your weight. It is specially used for overweight people and having the weight-related problems. This article will help you to know about the orlistat medication.

How will you use the orlistat capsule?

If you are taking the orlistat to self treat you must read all the descriptions on the product package before taking the medication. 

If the doctor is prescribed for you can read the information leaflet before start taking the medication. You can take this medication with doctor advice. You can take it by mouth with liquid and after one hour of your meals. You can take it 3 times a day. 

You do not increase the drug without the doctor’s consultation. This drug can interfere with the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients.

You can take the multivitamin at least two hours before taking this medication. You can see some weight loss within two weeks after you take the orlistat. 

What are the possible side effects of taking orlistat?

The possible side effects of taking orlistat are given by,

  • There is a change in bowel function due to the unabsorbed fat. If you face this symptom you can call your doctor.
  • Many people are using this medication there is no serious side effect. 
  • There are allergic symptoms that are rare. 
  • Some of the rare serious symptoms are liver diseases, abdominal pain, dark urine, yellowing the skin and eyes, back pain, and bloody urine.

What are the precautions you can follow before taking orlistat?

You must tell your doctor if you are getting an allergy to it or if you are having any other allergies before taking the orlistat. You can consult your doctor for more information about the medication.

You can explain your medical history to the doctor including the digestive problems, gall bladder problems, underactive thyroid, kidney problems, HIV infection, seizures, and eating disorders.

You can tell to the doctor you are taking other products like prescription drugs, herbal products, and nonprescription drugs. If you are a diabetic patient the weight loss will improve the blood sugar control. So you need to check your blood sugar regularly without fail and tell the result to the doctor.

This drug must not be used during the pregnancy period. The weight loss will offer no potential benefit to pregnant women and it is harmful to the baby in the womb. You must tell the doctor if you are pregnant and if you are planning for pregnancy.

The medications are prescribed for you cannot share them with other peoples. For the best result, you can take the medication along with the doctor’s approval exercise and diet plan. You do not take the double dose in a day.

You can store it at room temperature and keep it away from your children and pets. Do not keep in the bathroom and not flush in the toilet. You can dispose of the medication properly when it will get expired. Cmoapi is the manufacturer factory of tadalafil powder & orlistat powder.