July 21, 2024


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Tips for Gifting Someone Your Art This Year

Are you thinking of gifting someone your art this year? Here are some tips on art gifting.


Are you thinking about gifting someone your art this year? This is a wonderful idea for loved ones—use our advice to ensure the process goes smoothly.

There’s no better gift idea than making one yourself. If you have a knack for painting or drawing, consider gifting someone your art this year. If this is the route you’re going with presents, keep the following tips in mind to ensure everything is successful, and you surprise the recipient!

Consider Whom You’re Giving the Art To

Before creating the masterpiece, consider to whom you plan on giving your art. Not everyone in your life will have the same interest or taste as the next person, so if you’re gifting art, ensure it’s unique to the person receiving the present. What kind of art does this person appreciate? What colors do they like? Do they love minimalistic or more eccentric designs?

Keep Their Current Decor in Mind

It would be a mistake to make art that doesn’t match the current decor and aesthetic in the recipient’s home. This goes hand in hand with considering the interests of the person you’re gifting the art to. Choose colors, images, and motifs that blend seamlessly with the individual’s decor in their home.

Add Meaningful Details

Now that you understand to whom you’re gifting the art, you can add better detail to the piece so that it resembles the recipient. For example, maybe you’re painting a backyard scene for a grandparent, but you add a cardinal to represent a passed loved one. This will bring great joy, and the gift receiver will know how much thought and time you put into making the painting perfect.

Add a Description Plaque or Card

When you’re gifting someone your art this year, take it an extra step further by providing a description plaque or card with your name on it and a brief description of why you decided to create the art. The loved one can keep the plaque with the art so that everyone in the house knows you made it specifically for them.

Keep It Safe With Proper Packaging

After you complete the artwork, you must properly package it to keep it safe from harm until the individual can open it. We suggest using shrink wrap when you need to ship your art to someone in a different location. Wrap your painting or drawing in plastic wrap to keep outside elements out. After you add a protective material, don’t forget to add a box or wrapping paper to make the present more festive!

While buying gifts from the store is perfectly fine, make your gift-giving more unique and memorable this year by creating something from the heart. Giving someone a present they can’t buy or make anywhere else is the best way to show someone how much you care and love them. What kind of art will you gift a loved one?

Are you thinking of gifting someone your art this year, add to our tips. Share your thoughts.

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