July 21, 2024


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Take that chiffon outfit from ‘drab’ to ‘fab.’

Fab or Drab? This Week's Celeb Fashion Will Surprise You! | Fashion

Are you looking for a glamorous, flowy look? Then chiffon garments are the way to go. Chiffon is a type of fabric that appears transparent. It is sheer and shimmers slightly. The material is lightweight and drapes over the body creating soft folds. Thus making it a type of fabric that is flattering for most body types. Chiffon is mainly used in bridalwear, evening garments, and prom dresses. However, chiffon can also be used in daytime garments like blouses and makes a statement when paired with the right accessories. Any clothing item can be draped on someone, but the way it is styled and accessorized makes the garment a stylish fashion piece. Vivrelle’s Designs offer unique handbags and jewelry items to boost any garment from frumpy to glam; visit the website or read some Vivrelle reviews to find the perfect accessory to compliment chiffon outfits

Styling tips and advice.

Depending on what garment one is busy styling, a belt is a must-have accessory to enhance any outfit’s look. One can use a belt for a chiffon shirt or dress. It pulls the garment in at the waist, creating more definition. Due to the flowy nature of the fabric, one should pair a chiffon garment with a straight-styled jersey or jacket. A longer chiffon top can be worn with leggings, whereas people can pair a shorter top with pants or a skirt. Give high-waisted pants a try with the shirt if you feel brave. Avoid pairing a flowy chiffon top with a flowy, full skirt, as the person will get “lost” in the clothing. Instead, style a loose-fitting jersey over a short chiffon dress to create a casual and relaxed look. If attending a formal event, use a scarf as a shawl and drape it over one’s shoulders. Ensure it is a simple scarf not to draw attention away from the shimmer, sheer dress, or look too much. 

Prioritize and accessorize! 

Always choose accessories like shoes, handbags, and jewelry according to where one is going and what activities one will be doing. For example, pairing a halter neck chiffon dress with some glamorous dangling Double Pave Pear diamond earrings from Vevrelle Designs will make all heads turn. Are you attending a semi-smart office function or date night? Make a statement with the Chain Pouch Vivrelle Design bag. However, keep it simple by pairing a shorter dress with sandals and a Sweet Alhambra Vivrelle Design necklace for a walk in the park or a night out on the town. 

Mix and match to create the perfect look!

Accessories tie one’s look together, and Vivrelle has some items to compliment any look. Accessorising allows one to wear the same outfit more than once by swapping out handbags, jewelry, and shoes. Next time you see a chiffon garment, buy it and get ready to mix and match those accessories for any occasion.