May 26, 2024


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Sudbury Youtuber Quill18 gets sneak peek at Microsoft flight simulator

If you are a gamer, then you might already recognize the handle Quill18. 

He’s a full time YouTuber who posts mainly strategy and simulation games on his channel, which has over 595,000 followers.

Gaming companies give him advance copies of their games – he estimates some where in the thousands so far –  so he can post tutorials and simulations. 

Quill18, also known as Martin Glaude, was recently given a copy of the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Flight Simulator game.

“It’s absolutely stupendous,” Glaude said. ” I’ve played a lot of flight sims over the years including Microsoft Flight Simulator, itself which is like 30 years old.”

Glaude said the technology, as well as the presentation of the game, is some of the best he’s seen in his career.

“What is really mind boggling is how incredibly detailed the entire world is,” he said. “And a big part of the reason is while you’re online it’s actually streaming map data…the same thing as Google Maps.”

Glaude said the details have been so precise, that viewers send comments noting which landmark the virtual aircraft is flying over, sometimes as specific as people’s houses. 

How does one become a YouTuber?

Glaude said his journey to YouTube stardom started around 12 years ago.

“I started making a couple of videos for some of my friends to help them out with some of the games we’re playing,” Glaude said. “And I found it really, really fun to sort of talk about the strategy of doing certain things and I just kind of kept doing it.”

Ultimately, he said, his videos began to attract a larger audience.

“It kept kind of growing and growing and building and building to the point where I was getting enough attention and spending half my time doing it,” he said. 

“So I quit my day job and worked on making YouTube and Twitch content full time.”

A screen capture from Quill18’s YouTube channel, where he takes Microsoft Flight Simulator for a test run. (Screen capture- YouTube quill18)