‘Push him off the roof?’ – Eamonn stuns This Morning viewers with joke relationship advice

Sybil T. Mann

Eamonn Holmes left viewers stunned with some rather unorthodox relationship advice for a caller on This Morning.

Lucy was calling the show to seek advice about what she could do about her ‘commitment phobic’ boyfriend of nine-years.

What she and the viewers weren’t expecting was Eamonn’s ‘recommendation’, after his latest excuse for not proposing to Lucy was that they were having a new roof.

You can see the moment Ruth and relationship expert Deidre were left stunned by Eamonn’s joke in the video above.

The moment Eamonn jokingly suggests caller Lucy should 'push him off the roof' after her boyfriend keeps using excuses to avoid proposing
The moment Eamonn jokingly suggests caller Lucy should ‘push him off the roof’ after her boyfriend keeps using excuses to avoid proposing


“What about pushing him off the roof?”, joked Eamonn, before his wife and co-host Ruth Langsford said: “Stop it!”

Eamonn proceeded to demonstrate how Ruth would react if he employed the same excuses as Lucy’s boyfriend, to which Ruth told him: “Yeah, ta-ta!”

Deidre advised that Lucy’s boyfriend could have a number of issues in his life which is making him “commitment phobic” and they should sit down and talk about them.

Lucy then joked: “Thank you, if that doesn’t work, I’ll take Eamonn’s method.”, which Ruth was quick to respond to with, “No! Don’t do that Lucy, don’t do that!”

Eamonn then asked Lucy another question: “Lucy, let me ask you, do you even need a new roof?”

After a short pause Lucy said: “Probably not.”, which lead to Eamonn offering the opposite advice to Deidre: “Well, then you’ve got to ask yourself… do you even need him?”

Lucy went on to say she could do with someone like Eamonn before Ruth said to Lucy that her and her boyfriend should probably take Deidre’s advice and talk it out.

This Morning followers on Twitter were quick to comment on the section which left some amused by Eamonn’s suggestion:

“Much prefer Eamonn’s advice!”, Tweeted one, with another adding: “Yes Yes Uncle @EamonnHolmes. Who needs Deidre?”

A third added: ” @EamonnHolmes great advice “shove him of the roof”… love the relationship advice #thismorning.”

This Morning returns at 10am every weekday on ITV.

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