February 28, 2024


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Porsche and artist Chris Labrooy create a giant art installation for Miami Art Week

Porsche and artist Chris Labrooy create a giant art installation for Miami Art Week

Chances are quite high that you’ve seen some of Chris Labrooy’s work as an artist. While many of his pieces are digitally created and don’t involve real cars, Labrooy likes to have Porsche as a central focus of his pieces, and that extends to full-scale real-world art. With Porsche’s support of Miami Art Week, and Labrooy’s fixation on Porsche, it was a no-brainer for the two to collaborate on an art piece for the event with Brobdingnagian proportions. On November 29, the piece pictured above, called ‘Dream Big’ is to be displayed until December 3 in the beach area of the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

“As an aspirational brand, we hope to inspire people to dream big,” said Ayesha Coker, Vice President, Marketing of Porsche Cars North America. “To continue inspiring that dream, we’re delighted to showcase ‘The Art of Dreams’ initiative at Miami Art Week with special artwork that we hope will spark or reignite art-goers pursuit of achieving their dreams.”

The piece is said to provoke discussion of the topic of dreams. Labrooy addresses the inner child that everyone holds inside, and challenges viewers of the piece to ‘dream big’ in their own lives. This installation was first crafted as a computer generated image before the large pieces were formed and placed in the sand. In the hand of this imaginary macroscale racing driver, the full-scale 992 Carrera looks toy-like. It’s that blending of reality with childlike fiction that Labrooy does so well with his work. It’s got an extra sliver of whimsy woven into the fabric of reality, and for that reason I approve of his work. He even turned a 996 into a swan once.