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Popular simulator games for PC gaming enthusiasts | Most Searched Products

Simulator games are a popular branch of gaming that eludes a lot of gaming enthusiasts. Why? Despite not being action-packed and bedazzling like their counterparts, simulator games are crafted on the premise of being sophisticated that is slow but still requires a much higher level of intellect and strategy-making capability and is filled with realism and precision that’re a class apart. Having said that, if you’re someone who likes to replicate reality in a perfect manner through a series of vast functionalities and intriguing maps, getting some of the finest simulator games for PC makes the perfect sense.

Hence, we have come up with some of the finest simulator games that you can purchase online in India:

Electronics Arts present to you SimCity that is just an exclusive simulator game for PC. Ideal for players above 7 years of age, this impeccable simulator game is known for its blissful and mesmerizing gameplay that tests you on the basis of your longer vision for your city. You start as a city mayor with considerable resources using which you can create and customize a world that provides a unique narrative. This simulator game allows you to equip your city with casinos, resorts, manufacturing hubs, educational enclaves, and more.

Microsoft brings to PC gamers Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000, this simulator game gives you a vast map to explore tactical and technological advantages. In addition to this, the offered game doesn’t provide free-flight, cloud-gunner, and glory ride but is a ground assault adventure. Through this simulator game, you can experience gritty combat with a touch of realism.

Get this City Simulator Collection from Excalibur by Unlimited. This pack comes with 6 incredible simulators that could take your creativity and intellect to another level. Along with this, the offered product allows you to begin as a city builder, an airport firefighter, a member of the disaster response unit, a police professional, a traffic manager, or an ambulance driver. This game works perfectly on Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptops/PCs.

If you love trains as much as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory (television series), this train simulator for PC is just the perfect game you would just love. You can experience the realism of running trains of your nation and can also enjoy different train stations (existing ones in the real world). This PC game from Train Simulator allows you to drive trains between the two stations in the expected time with different features tagged along.

Excalibur by Unlimited offers to you this incredible train simulator for PC gamers. Purchase this simulator game to learn to drive a wide plethora of trains and successfully qualify as a train driver. This simulator game allows you to bring to life the thrill of driving high-speed trains on real-world routes with some mind-blowing detailing. Moreover, this simulator game is compatible with Windows 7, 10, and Vista.

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