June 21, 2024


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Men’s Fashion ~ Not A Creative Field

Men's Fashion ~ Not A Creative Field

“Women are fashionable but men are not” is a popular; but erroneous; notion which stems from the presumption that men dress only for comfort and functionality, not for style or fashion.

Unfortunately, and quite inaccurately, men who are interested in fashion are considered by many to be ‘peculiar’ and probably decadent. A man’s profession highly influences his wardrobe and style. In the emerging world of capitalism and political democracy, menswear has been greatly influenced by the corporate culture of multinational companies which greatly emphasize on the look and image of their work force.

In the due course of time, men’s fashion has become more individualistic, follows present trends and differentiates its markets based on lifestyle,personality and attitude. For instance, junior men’s fashion is highly attitude-driven and is influenced by sports, music channels and fashion icons.

Color is a prime attribute of men’s fashion. The most commonly worn colors used in men’s clothing are the cool range of blues, earthy browns, smoky greys, shades of green and neutrals. Generally, the colors used in menswear are more conservative, emphasizing masculinity and objectivity.

Fabrics for menswear are usually firm, masculine and formal as compared to womenswear. Traditionally, fabric manufacturers producing fabric for menswear did not venture into womenswear because the needs of the two markets were extremely diverse. Although, Occasionally it may seem that they share or take ideas from each other.

The fabrics for shirting are lightweight. They are usually in cottons, linens and in blends of synthetic and natural fibers. Suiting and trouser fabrics are heavier, usually blended for desired quality and comfort. Casual wear garments are frequently made from fabrics like canvas, gabardine and denims.

However, with the increase in the official working hours and personal hour of today’s generation; the distinction between official hour and personal hour of men has blurred. Hence, fabrics like linen and fine cottons are more in trend and usage, These fabrics provide comfort, flexibility and air absorption for use over long working hours.

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