July 20, 2024


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As the summer heat intensifies and the spirit of freedom fills the air, Krispy Kreme® is making this July extra special for its loyal customers. In a grand gesture to celebrate freedom, the iconic doughnut brand has announced an enticing promotion: KRISPY KREME® CELEBRATES ‘FREEDOM’ BY PROVIDING REWARDS MEMBERS ‘FREEBIES’ EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN JULY. This initiative is designed to add a touch of sweetness to the summer months and reward Krispy Kreme’s dedicated fanbase.

A Month of Sweet Surprises

Krispy Kreme® has always been synonymous with joy and indulgence, and this July, the brand is elevating the experience for its rewards members. Every Tuesday and Friday, members can look forward to delightful free treats that showcase the brand’s commitment to spreading happiness. This promotion not only celebrates freedom but also strengthens the bond between Krispy Kreme® and its customers.

How to Participate

Participation in this delightful celebration is straightforward. Krispy Kreme® rewards members simply need to visit their local store on the designated days to claim their freebies. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Tuesdays: On these days, rewards members can enjoy a free doughnut of their choice. Whether it’s the classic Original Glazed® that melts in your mouth or a more adventurous flavor like the Chocolate Iced Kreme™ Filled, the choice is yours. This offer allows customers to explore the wide variety of flavors that Krispy Kreme® has to offer.
  • Fridays: Fridays are all about beverages. Members can quench their thirst with a complimentary small coffee or a soft drink. This is a perfect way to kickstart the weekend and enjoy a refreshing break with a Krispy Kreme® favorite.

The Rewards Program

For those who haven’t yet joined the Krispy Kreme® rewards program, now is the perfect time. Membership is free and provides numerous benefits beyond the July freebies. Rewards members earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for more delicious treats. Additionally, members receive special offers throughout the year, ensuring that the joy of Krispy Kreme® is a year-round experience.

A Celebration of Freedom

The theme of freedom resonates deeply with Krispy Kreme’s® values. Founded in 1937, the brand has a long history of bringing joy and freedom of choice to its customers. By offering these ‘freebies,’ Krispy Kreme® underscores its commitment to making moments of indulgence accessible to everyone. This initiative is not just about free doughnuts and drinks; it’s about celebrating the freedom to choose, to indulge, and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Why It Matters

In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is constantly on the move, Krispy Kreme® provides a moment of pause and enjoyment. The act of enjoying a free doughnut or a refreshing drink can brighten someone’s day and provide a sense of community and connection. KRISPY KREME® CELEBRATES ‘FREEDOM’ BY PROVIDING REWARDS MEMBERS ‘FREEBIES’ EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN JULY highlights the brand’s understanding of these small but significant moments.

Customer Reactions

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Social media is abuzz with posts from excited rewards members showcasing their free treats. The hashtag #KrispyKremeFreedom has been trending, with fans sharing their favorite doughnut flavors and beverage choices. This level of engagement not only boosts Krispy Kreme’s® visibility but also fosters a sense of community among its customers.

Looking Ahead

Krispy Kreme® is always innovating and finding new ways to engage with its customers. While the July promotion is a standout initiative, the brand hints at more exciting offers and events in the future. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Krispy Kreme® remains at the forefront of the industry, continually delighting its customers with new and exciting experiences.


In conclusion, KRISPY KREME® CELEBRATES ‘FREEDOM’ BY PROVIDING REWARDS MEMBERS ‘FREEBIES’ EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN JULY is a testament to the brand’s commitment to joy and indulgence. By offering free doughnuts and drinks, Krispy Kreme® not only rewards its loyal customers but also celebrates the spirit of freedom that defines the summer season. This initiative is more than a promotion; it’s a celebration of choice, community, and the simple pleasures that make life sweet. As we enjoy the warmth of July, Krispy Kreme® ensures that our days are filled with delicious moments and sweet surprises.