June 24, 2024


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I Tried On Winter Items From Amazon—Here’s What I Kept

I Tried On Winter Items From Amazon—Here's What I Kept

If you’re going into the new year with a more intense shopping budget than usual, you’re not alone. I’m a designer-clothing addict, but I am planning for a lot of travels and weddings so will need to spend my money wisely this year. So far, tapping into my favorite affordable fashion sites has been such a joy because you can buy so much more and not feel guilty for your spending. We all know money can’t buy style. Being a true fashionista means that you can look your best at any price point. That’s why I’m challenging myself to explore more budget-friendly sites this year, and first up is Amazon.

There are so many great finds on Amazon, but it can be so overwhelming to simply head to the site and type into the search bar what you are looking for. There seems to be an endless number of options, and sometimes, the good things are several pages in. It’s my job to shop, so I spent several hours browsing the millions of products on the site with the hopes of being able to report back to you all on what is worth actually buying. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations, but I was so impressed by the quality of the items that ended up being winners. I’ve always known Amazon to be a trend-driven retailer, but my picks are actually items that I’ll be wearing for years to come. After I tried on 15 items, there were six true standouts that I can genuinely vouch for. Scroll on to find your favorite.