February 28, 2024


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How Is The Travancore Foundation Transforming Luxury Old Age Homes In Kerala Into A Common Concept From An Emerging Trend? 

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Retirement homes are built to provide our aged relatives with the necessary care and comfort when we cannot care for them or don’t have adequate time. In this fast-paced modern world, our careers can take us anywhere, and it is our parents and relatives who have to bear the brunt of the situation. Social isolation can kick in, and with their advancing age, it can get tough for them to take care of themselves. That is why luxury old age homes are the best fit for our aging relatives, where all their needs and requirements can be catered to. 

The Travancore Foundation has helped increase the number of old age homes in Kottayam and Kochi over several years, giving more and more families the chance to live a comfortable retirement. There, one can find a host of luxury facilities that can help them live a happy, stress-free life in comfort and care. 

Why Should You Trust The Travancore Foundation?

The Travancore Foundation is one of the most reliable institutions known for its diverse options when it comes to senior living. This is a professionally managed institution meant to offer all the high-end facilities one would expect in luxury old age home in Kottayam. They provide special attention and care to the well-being of older citizens, and their services can be modified based on individual needs. 

The Travancore Foundation was formed in 2009, and since then, it has re-evaluated and improved the quality of life for senior citizens. There are numerous benefits of staying in luxury retirement homes in terms of comfort, peace, and convenience, and Travancore Foundation ensures that all those expectations are met. One could expect personalized care in terms of physical and mental health for all its residents, which is why it is regarded as one of the best luxury old age homes in KochiYou can be assured that your aging parents and relatives will live the most secure, stress-free, and stable life here. 

What Are the facilities that one should expect in a Luxury Old Age Home in Kerala operating under the auspices of the Travancore Foundation?

Here are some facilities that you could expect in luxury old age homes in Kochiwhich are maintained by the personnel and staff of the Travancore Foundation.

Personalized Health and Wellness Facilities

One of the most important things that should be a top priority in all luxury retirement homes in Kerala under the Travancore Foundation is the health and wellness of their residents.

There are multiple doctors present on the premises of the old age home, which can be called immediately in times of emergencies. Furthermore, psychologists and psychiatrists are also present on the premises to ensure the mental well-being of all the residents.

Social isolation is a common problem plaguing older citizens, and professional help can be the best way to treat it. The administration of the Travancore Foundation understands this point. 

High-Quality Accommodation Facilities

High-quality accommodation is a typical feature for luxury old age homes in Kochi working under the Travancore Foundation. Residents can thrive in a cleaner, well-maintained environment to live their lives with the utmost comfort. Retirement homes are meant to offer a place where one could live a stress-free life at an advanced age. At the Travancore Foundation, you can expect a high-quality lifestyle, equipped with numerous high-end facilities to ensure that its residents enjoy their best times here. 

Loads of Entertainment Options

One of the main things that every luxury old age home should offer its residents is a host of entertainment options to keep psychological issues like depression, trauma, anxiety, etc. away. Living away from your family can be a challenging ordeal, and boredom often gets associated with the loneliness they encounter in the absence of their near and dear ones.

Residents can be engaged and happy with more entertainment options and bid goodbye to their problems. Cultural festivals, movie nights, special events, parties, and trips are some of the fun and entertainment options that luxury retirement homes in Kerala operating under the Travancore Foundation provide. Other than that, these lavish old age homes are also equipped with reading rooms, libraries, lawns, and other facilities to keep the residents engaged and entertained. 

Yoga and Exercise Center

Exercising is a critical aspect of senior living-to keeps the resident’s healthy and fit at all times. So, the Travancore Foundation’s luxury retirement homes in Kerala have yoga studios, exercise rooms, and other spaces where aged residents can work out every day. It keeps them as healthy as possible. Trainers should be present there to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the residents of the retirement homes in Kerala are getting the care they deserve. 

High Safety and Security

People shouldn’t have to worry about their personal or financial safety after they have reached an advanced age, as it adds more stress to their lives. It is a time to live life to the fullest and enjoy and relax as much as possible.

Therefore, one of the leading facilities that old age homes run by the Travancore Foundation have is high security so that their residents can live a stress-free, peaceful life there. Usage of smart technologies like mobile applications, GSM, RFID tags, etc., for monitoring and ensuring safety and security should be a top priority for every luxury old age home in Kerala. 


Luxury old age homes in Kochi can be a great place to grow old in, with like-minded people and a peaceful, well-maintained environment.

That is why the Travancore Foundation is working so hard to ensure that the senior citizens of Kerala can live their best lives in their luxurious old-age homes, leaving all their worries behind. The Travancore Foundation has changed the definition of old age homes or paid retirement homes. Adding luxury traits, it has redefined the old age homes for senior citizens from the country and beyond. From a niche phenomenon, it is swiftly growing into a trend and a model for others to follow.