June 6, 2023


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How $1M gift will transform Augusta Tech automotive campus


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Local businessman Jim Hudson donated $1 million to Augusta Tech, on top of the $1 million Augusta National pledged in April.

The plan is to move their entire automotive training campus to the old Johnson Motor Company on Walton way.

Here’s how it’s prepping students for an industry in serious need of workers.

Some students like Andrew Chavez, who are enrolled in Augusta Tech’s automotive program, he’s about to be the first man to graduate college in his family.

“I have a true passion for this. I have an uncle who fixed cars growing up, and I want to follow in those footsteps,” he said.

The giant check is just one way of helping to transform Augusta Tech’s auto training program.

Martia Moore, student said: “The program itself… I’m just going to continue to grow with it, and it’s just wonderful to be a part of a milestone for this school itself.”

The plan is to move this 10,000-square-foot garage to the Johnson Motor Company on Walton Way.

“The automotive industry is continuously growing,” she said.

They’ll transform this space into a 65,000-square-foot state-of-the-art automotive campus, using the current building.

The goal is to fill the regional need in the automotive field.

“I think the need for technicians in the automotive industry right now is extremely high. We need them worse than we need anything else,” he said.

Augusta Tech will offer 16 certification programs to more than 1,200 students.

Jermain Whirl, Augusta Tech president said: “We’re really going to be able to increase our capacity, take in more students, and increase the workforce.”

They’re hoping this program will help train students for the future with electric vehicle training while sitting in the heart of downtown Augusta.

Jim Hudson, owner of Jim Hudson Automotive Group said: “We’re not just doing something for this great college and walking away. This is a starting point.”

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