November 30, 2023


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Happy Thanksgiving! Moosmosis Global Health & Education – Moosmosis

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are very thankful for everyone, each and every one of our readers and supporters. Thank you so much for joining in our journey of lifelong learning and supporting global health and education around the world. To this date, over 2,270,000 lifelong leaners from around the world have visited our open-access global education website, including you!

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Dedicated to global education and lifelong learning, Moosmosis is an international youth organization that promotes lifelong learning in the arts and sciences and aspires to close the gap of educational disparities through open-access education. By creating and publishing original free lessons and unique e-learning games in both the humanities and sciences, Moosmosis provides diverse learning tools, open to all lifelong learners around the world.

Our Moosmosis site is run 100% by volunteers from around the world. By subscribing, you are supporting our mission for global health and education for youth around the world!


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Thank you again for your support everyone, and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 😀 Feel free to also check out the incredible e-learning games below made by our Moosmosis members and lifelong learners!

Thank You to All of Our Kind Supporters!

We couldn’t have done this without the incredible kindness of all our supporters and readers from around the world. Thank you so much again for your compassion and support for our Moosmosis’s Mission for Global Health & Education for lifelong learners around the world.


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Check Out These Awesome E-Learning Games Made by Our Moosmosis Members & Lifelong Learners From Around the World

1. What does the world eat for breakfast? Learn about breakfast from around the world with Freddie from United Kingdom!

2. Wonder How Our Glasses Work? Learn about physics and lens with Kenji from Japan.

3. Superstar Women in STEM? Learn about famous STEM women in an interactive museum with Joely from the United States

Thank You So Much Again For Your Support! ❤

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Moosmosis Facebook Community

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!