February 28, 2024


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Four Affordable Options to Build Fences Around Your Home

Fences that enclose a property are usually installed for privacy, security, decoration or a combination.  In any case, as time passes the materials will weather and even become naturally damaged, leaving a less than desirable look than what was initially intended. You can always call Big Easy Iron Works for swing gate installation and as them questions regarding how to maintain your gates and fences.

The expense to build any type of fence, wood, vinyl, metal, or even a chain link variety of fence is usually costly. Therefore, it only makes sense to attempt to maintain the initial quality for as long as possible on the cheap. This article outlines four inexpensive options you can take to beautify a fence no matter what the current condition.

Paint it or Stain it

This will have the greatest impact on the transformation that Sell your house fast jacksonville you are wanting. Paint and stain is relatively cheap at the local home or paint store. Spending an afternoon with an electric power sprayer may be a time-consuming day but by doing so will make that fence look as new as the day the posts were set in concrete.

If you want an even bigger impact on the budget then try to search the paint or home store for the “oops” colors that will do the job for you. These are the colors that were mixed then returned to the store by the customer. 

Now this recommendation works well for metal or wood fencing but what if you have a vinyl fence? The best alternative for restoring these to like new states is to clean off the accumulated black scuff marks. I have accomplished this by using a rag and either small amounts of gasoline or acetone to rub the black markings away. You should test a small inconspicuous part of the fence for the result you want.

Replace the hardware on the gate

The latch is worn and will not keep the gate closed. That is one of the first impressions that you need to make sure begins on a positive note. Wooden gate hardware is very easily replaced with materials and styles. They have seemed to remain common for years and should be easily found for replacement. The same is typically true for the vinyl variety of fences.

Again depending on your budget, the metal or wrought iron gate hardware can get expensive. From plain to the most ornate designs are offered typically at a specialty fence shop.

Fence post caps

No matter the type of fence material you have the easiest improvement made to it is adding fence posts caps. If you already have them then replacing the damaged or weathered looking ones will be a snap. Adding a copper pyramid, vinyl gothic cap, or even solar fence post caps will enhance the appearance of ordinary fences with very little installation time and expense.

Repair those broken parts

Wood fence pickets sometimes get broken. Vinyl panels get blown away by a hard wind if they aren’t secured properly. Buying a few of these replacement pieces is not a huge expense at an average of four dollars for wood pickets. Even one picket replaced will change the attitude of anyone surveying your property for a visit or potential purchase.

By taking a weekend to do some painting, hammering, cleaning or adding accessories like fence post caps to your fence will without a doubt improve the look and quality of your current fence. You won’t feel the need to replace the entire thing and appreciate the added value that you have gained in performing these four recommended steps. You never know that this realized added value may result in the sale of your home or increase the contract price if in negotiations of a sale. Building a robust fencing around your home is as good as hiring security guards with AR-15 uppers to secure your home.