April 24, 2024


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Everything You Need To Know Before Applying For NCLEX Exam

The NCLEX: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a Nepalese student and planning to apply for an NCLEX exam? Wait!!! Do you have any knowledge of how you can perform better in NCLEX Nepal? Well, knowing and understanding the question types and exam format of NCLEX are very important to improve your NCLEX exam score.

Below we have mentioned all the question types and exam formats that you need to know before applying for NCLEX Nepal. It will help you increase your chance of getting a nursing license in the United States, Canada and Australia.

  1. Question Types

NCLEX has brought a great opportunity for Nepalese nursing graduates to study abroad from Nepal. But before filling the NCLEX application, you must know what types of questions may ask in the NCLEX exam. Well, questions in an NCLEX exam comes from four sections, those are:

I. Safe and Effective Care Environment: Approximately 21% to 33% of questions in an NCLEX exam are asked from this section. Questions in this category deal with patient care, pediatric patients’ safety, preventions of injuries and infections, and laboratory tests and their results.

II. Health Promotion and Maintenance: Approximately 12% of the NCLEX questions are asked from this category. Under this section questions, deals with pregnancy, labor, delivery, infant care, birth control measures, pregnancy symptoms and complications, pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases are asked.

III. Psychological Integrity: Approximately 12 percent of questions in an NCLEX exam deals with this section. Questions related to psychiatric problems, crisis intervention, organic mental disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and schizophrenia are asked in this category.

IV. Physiological Integrity: The majority of the NCLEX questions fall under this category. From 43% to 67% of questions deal with gerontology, pediatrics, and adult medical and surgical care. In this section, questions may also deal with diabetes, neurological disorders, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, renal diseases and skin disorders.

  1. Exam Format

After understanding the types of questions asked in the NCLEX exams, the next thing you need to understand is the format of the NCLEX exam. In addition to Multiple-Choice questions, you may be asked Hot Spot Questions, Fill in the Blanks Questions, Drag-And-Drop Questions in the NCLEX test.

The multiple-choice questions in the NCLEX exam can be asked in three different ways: by showing charts, by giving you audio clips and by showing you graphics images. The NCLEX exam result is determined by comparing how you responded to the questions.

In addition to understanding NCLEX question types and NCLEX exam format, there is one more important thing you should you about i.e. Authorization to Test. Authorization to Test, best known as ATT letter, is mandatory to apply for an NCLEX exam. You have to apply for the ATT letter by sending an application to NRB (Nursing Regulatory Body).

If you are planning for an NCLEX examination application and are interested in joining an NCLEX course then you can contact our organization, NCLEX Nepal. Our professional professors will help you throughout your NCLEX application and provide you all the information you need to pass an NCLEX exam. In addition to NCLEX, classes for OBA, PLAB and OET are also available in NCLEX Nepal.