July 25, 2024


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Engage with Aerospace Corp, Antaris, Orbital Reef, & Space Systems Command at TC Sessions: Space • TechCrunch

Engage with Aerospace Corp, Antaris, Orbital Reef, & Space Systems Command at TC Sessions: Space • TechCrunch

We’re getting ready to launch our third TC Sessions: Space conference next week on December 6 in Los Angeles, and we still feel the thrill associated with space technology and the intrepid early-stage startup founders and researchers who dare to explore the possibilities beyond the boundaries of our home planet — and beyond what we thought possible.

If you’ve got rocket fuel running in your veins, don’t miss the chance to learn the latest developments within the space economy — from manned space travel, colonization and communications to earth observation data, manufacturing, and even war, in space.

Like all TechCrunch events, TC Sessions: Space is designed to help founders and early-stage startups build stronger businesses. But it’s not just us — our event partners are equally committed to your success.

TechCrunch partners don’t just cut a check and hand over a logo. They show up, and they deliver a high level of relevant content, educational expertise, resources and connection at the event. Their participation elevates, engages and supports early-stage founders.

We’d like to take a moment to highlight our incredible partners at next week’s show:

The Aerospace Corporation

This year the Aerospace Corporation will be hosting two breakout sessions, a single partner session, and have a table set up at the conference so attendees can meet with member of the Aerospace team and learn about opportunities with them. Topics for their sessions are: “Bringing it to the Space Warfighting Domain”, “ISAM: A Commercial Linchpin for the New Space Economy”, and “Space Workforce 2030: Inspiring, Preparing and Employing the Next Generation”.


Antaris, the leading software platform provider for space, will be hosting a partner session “Hardware? What’s That? Why Software Is the Future of the Space Economy” with Antaris Co-Founder/CEO Tom Barton and Epsilon3’s Laura Crabtree. Read more about this exciting session here.

Orbital Reef

Led by principal partners, Blue Origin and Sierra Space, Orbital Reef will open the next chapter of human space exploration. We’re excited to share that Orbital Reef, Blue Origin’s Director of Business Strategy, Shahir Gerges, will be leading a partner session on “Growing the LEO Economy on Orbital Reef”. Read more here.

Space Systems Command

Space Systems Command (SSC) is the U.S. Space Force field command responsible for rapidly identifying, prototyping, and fielding resilient space capabilities for joint warfighters. Swing by their sponsor table in the lobby to connect with their amazing team leaders.

TC Sessions: Space takes place on December 6 in Los Angeles. Buy a pass for $299, and then join us — and our partners — to learn about the latest space tech, network for opportunities and build a stronger startup to the stars.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TC Sessions: Space? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.