July 21, 2024


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Different Types of Diamond Rings

An engagement ring, also known as a diamond ring, signifies that the guy wearing it is already married, particularly in Western societies. An engagement ring is usually presented by a man to his potential wife as a proposal or directly following a marriage proposal. The ring may have an inscription in the form of a diamond symbolizing the eternal love shared between the couple. In some cases, both partners will present the ring simultaneously as a sign of commitment.

Diamond Styles

A good thing about diamond rings is that virtually all styles are available in the market today. These include round, emerald cut, oval, princess, radiant cut, heart, marquise, cushion, and elegant split shank diamond engagement ring. There are even engagement rings that have embedded precious stones like pearls, rubies, and others. However, the most popular are those with a single large diamond or one with several small diamonds. Diamonds set in gold or silver are the best choices because they are durable and do not tarnish quickly.


Before purchasing diamond rings, it is essential to check the clarity of the stone. The clarity refers to the number of flaws present in the stone, such as cracks or blemishes. A jeweler who deals in diamond rings should accurately measure the clarity of the diamond before presenting it to the buyer. The four c’s of clarity are cut, carat, color, and clarity.

Diamond Ring Shape

Cut refers to the diamond ring’s shape; it can be round, princess, radiant cut, or oval. Carat means weight; a diamond with a carat measurement of four-thousandths of an ounce is said to be of a perfect cut. Colorless diamonds are scarce and very valuable; therefore, a jeweler who sells diamond rings should explain their color to the buyer.

A jeweler who sells split shank diamond rings will usually explain to the buyer that the colors diamonds symbolize. Some standard diamond colors are black, blue, brown, and yellow. Clarity refers to the lack of impurities on the stone. Different diamonds have different clarity; the clarity of diamonds symbolizes the number of times the stone has been subjected to natural light. Pinkish or white gold rings have the lowest clarity of all the different types of diamonds.

A promise ring shows that the couple intends to be together for life. Engagement rings symbolize the love the couple feels for each other. It is the perfect way to express your love for your spouse. While there are different types of diamond rings, these are the most popular. However, you should always remember that you should buy it from a reputable jeweler when purchasing a promise ring. You could save money if you buy an engagement ring or wedding ring from a discount jeweler.