July 25, 2024


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‘Designing Men’s Wardrobe’

‘Designing Men’s Wardrobe’

If you think that menswear does not have broad classification, then obviously there is not much designing required; then its kind of underestimating men. In fact, it’s just the opposite; if there is not much to classify for menswear then designing becomes more difficult, as in you have to create new designs with limited classes.

Let,s begin with the classification of men’s fashion – Shirts (Classic, Sleeveless, Oxford buttoned-down, Dress Shirt, Hawaiian Shirt, T-Shirt and Polo Shirt), Pants (Dressy pants or Trousers, Baggy Pants, Cargo Pants and Jeans), Shorts (Bermudas or Boxers, Khaki and Safari), Suits ( Formal, Sporty Suit, Casual Suit, Two Piece Suit and Three Piece Suit) and Traditional Wear.

As you may see its not even the one-fourth of what womeswear is classified as. It becomes really hard to design for men as there is not much of styling or recreation that can be done. Also, in addition to this, there very small amount of men who really want to try out something different and which is flaunting style.

So, for me as designer, the situation is either I need to go out and convince people that trying out something different, sometimes adds to your personality; or I may explore my mind and really come out with different designs which don’t change the outlook of the clothing but adds to styling; or I am left with the only option of not styling much and serving my clientele with the regular designs. Therefore, as I said above men require more design elements to show off their styling.

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