July 21, 2024


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Crack the Shakespeare Code With Our New Course!

Crack the Shakespeare Code With Our New Course!

Just glimpse at this fella.

Many folks believe he’s a rather big deal. And he is, in a amount of strategies.

But also: he’s not. 

My friends and I had been owning breakfast, and I introduced up Shakespeare. The response was quick: 2 hates, 2 loves. When you observed his photo, you had a definite reaction, spurred by memory, stomachaches, uninspired training, some type of hero worship, or all of the above.

It’s complicated.

If you have at any time taught Shakespeare, you know the process is demanding for pupils, and likely, you. In some occasions, it appears Shakespeare was demanding even in his personal time. For some rationale, this huge of European literature proceeds to beckon to us yet again and yet again by his rates and performs, and has become a go-to for English/Language Arts curriculum. 


The answers to this problem and far more are tackled in our new course, 5234: Crack the Shakespeare Code. This study course has it all: methods, scholar-led tasks, means, and enjoyable approaches to see Shakespeare’s producing in new and suitable means. There are even pressure-free ideas for digging into his language! In the finish, you may well not transform the way you really feel about Shakespeare, but you’ll have a plethora of new tips and approaches to teach his works, and your students will thank you.

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Crack the Shakespeare Code

Course 5234 | 3-Credits | Grades 6-12+

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