June 24, 2024


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Beware of the coupons of this insurance company in Italy

Why do you need to pay attention to the coupons of this insurance company in Italy? The Institute for Insurance Supervision (IVASS), some time ago, issued a press release with an invitation to give maximum prominence to its content. It is therefore with this intent that we report the growth in the marketing cases of third-party liability policies car counterfeit. It also indicates criteria and methods for protecting oneself. The first step concerns, as can be guessed, the identification of the company that has ended up in the sights of the Supervisory Institute. So let’s see when and why to pay attention to the coupons of this insurance company in Italy.

Which insurance company

It is always IVASS to disclose the growing cases of commercialization of third-party liability policies counterfeit cars, especially in the Campania region. The company to look out for is “Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE. That is to say an English company authorized to operate in Italy also in the third party liability branch. car.

The coupons in the viewfinder

What must be carefully focused, however, is the wording reported in the policies. Therefore, if the header should be “Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) Ltd” and / or “Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) Plc”, it is good to know that these are the old names. Therefore, these would be policies to be considered false.

Unauthorized sites

Most of the aforementioned policies would, however, be purchased via the internet, through channels not expressly authorized for insurance brokerage. So keep your eyes open if you find yourself in front of these two web addresses. That means: https://www.galloassicurazioni.com and https://www.consulenzeeservizionline.com.

What to do if in doubt

In order to verify the validity of the individual policies, users can contact the Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE company directly. These are also the contact details indicated in the IVASS press release: Telephone: 02/72 62 64 62 and e-mail: [email protected]

Recommended precautions

It is then always IVASS to recommend that you always check, before signing the contracts, that they are issued by companies duly authorized for insurance activities. With a parallel check also of the intermediaries who propose the signing of contracts. These in fact must necessarily be registered in the single register of insurance intermediaries or in the list of intermediaries in the European Union.

Therefore, the consultation on the website www.ivass.it of the lists of Italian and foreign companies admitted to operate in Italy is of fundamental importance. With regard to foreign companies, for which it may be more difficult to acquire official information, we report the dedicated link (motor liability) of IVASS. It is understood that consumers can always ask for clarification and information from the IVASS Contact Center. This is the toll-free number 800-486661 to which it will be possible to call from Monday to Friday office hours.