July 25, 2024


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6 military exercises to build muscle quickly

The army adopts strict training programs in military training, even with extreme forms of exercises to test the physical, mental strength and endurance of soldiers. Many professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts, always looking for new challenges, have integrated some of these military exercises into their training tables which have proved useful to lose weight it’s at put on muscle fast.

Those who observe the sequences of exercises done by the military, especially the obsessive repetition of free-body burpees, have the impression of being faced with an almost masochistic act suitable for those who love to suffer or torture themselves, yet, after seeing the results produced by these “tortures,” many are persuaded to try and adopt the same training plans.

The US military, for example, has a fitness test that has put many professionals to the test. The test consists of 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of squats and a 2-mile run, which is used to determine if a candidate has sufficient functional aptitude to progress to basic military training, which is not actually a prerequisite. has just nothing.

Nick Symmonds, a former Olympic athlete, recently tried the military fitness test and documented it in a video showing that although many of the exercises seem easy, they actually push people to their limits and work their muscles like no other training program, which promotes impressive and rapid growth of muscle mass.

The test, among other things, is only the aperitif which follows a training program, combined with nutrition care that never ends, which includes some of the best exercises repeatedly celebrated for their effectiveness by those who have tried them and, therefore, deserving to enter our training routine.

Military training is devastating, it leaves you exhausted with body aches, as happened to middle-distance runner Nick Symmonds, who said: “It’s not even a problem with time, it’s just that I got so tired after the first set. not to be able to recover anymore ». However, the results are not long in coming and when this happens all the effort, sweat and tears shed will no longer seem so bad.

Here are the 6 military exercises that produce the best results for fast weight loss and muscle building

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Standing curl with alternating dumbbells

It is an excellent exercise for the development of strength and mass of the entire biceps, which also recruits the brachioradialis, the muscle that extends to the center of the forearm, the forearm, the frontal deltoids and the upper pectorals.

To perform it, a weight is held in each hand, with the arms extended to the sides and the palms of the hands facing inwards. You have to inhale and raise one arm, turning the palm upwards beyond the waist. The elbow must be raised while lifting the weight without absolutely compensating with movements of the back during the lifting phase of the dumbbells. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other side. You need to fully extend your arm before starting the exercise.

Preacher curl or Scott bench curl

This is one of the best exercises to focus on the biceps which involves all the flexor muscles of the elbow: biceps brachialis, brachialis and brachioradialis. This is usually done on a machine, but can be done on a bench with a support bar.

To perform it, it is necessary to stand or sit with your arms resting on the bearing of the machine in the correct position, that is, without stretching your arms excessively so as not to get hurt. Inhale and exhale as you bend the bar upward until your forearms are vertical. The work is greatest if you stop a few times before the elbows are at 90 degrees.

Chin Up

This is a great bodyweight exercise for working out the back and arm muscles. Similar to the pull up, it stresses the biceps more, while the pull up remains focused on the brachioradialis muscle.

To do it, you need to stretch your arms and grab the bar with your palms facing us. Inhale, pull your chest out and lift with your arms as you exhale. The lifting continues until the chin is on the bar. Then return to the starting position with your arms extended and repeat the movement.

Step Up

This exercise is good for the glutes and quadriceps as well as improving balance.

To do this, a rise that exceeds the knee height by at least a little must be used: a trunk, a step or a bench of 50 centimeters. Stand a few inches away from the rise and step up with one leg until you are fully standing with both feet on it, then drop down and repeat with the opposite leg. A couple of weights can be used to add intensity to the exercise.

Leg lift

This exercise stresses the abdominal muscles, improves flexibility and balance.

To perform it, you have to lie on the floor with your back straight and your hands on the sides (or under your buttocks), lift both legs until they are vertical and slowly lower them to a few centimeters from the floor, then raise them again in a controlled manner and strongly with the abdomen.

4-Count Burpee

Although the burpee is a nightmare it is one of the best total body exercises to burn lots of calories, raise your heart rate and put your arms, back, chest, heart, buttocks and legs to work.

We start standing and the count to 4 is structured as follows: 1) Go down so that your hands touch the floor right in front of our feet. 2) Push your feet backwards in order to end up in a push-up position. 3) Bring your feet back so they are directly behind your hands. 4) Jump into the air, return directly to position, then repeat the movement sequence. You can add more intensity by touching the floor with your chest as you go down.

The article is originally published on GQ Mexico