September 21, 2023


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52 Billion Visitors Per Month for Affiliate Marketing Sales

affiliate marketing buyer traffic to generate sales


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52 Billion Visitors for Affiliate Advertising and marketing Appropriate In Entrance Of You!

With about 52 Billion visitors for each month to leverage by combining the biggest visitors platforms on Earth! 6 Websites blended to deliver sales with affiliate marketing and advertising and never ever pay for targeted visitors once again, at any time!

Due to the fact this content marketing and advertising tactic with 52 Billion guests for affiliate internet marketing revenue handles these a large audience. It demands a lot of get the job done to get every thing in spot, and we will be performing with the subsequent websites.

Google Blogger – 47.9 Million Website visitors For every Month.

WordPress – 308.3 Million Readers Per Month.

Quora – 697.2 Million Website visitors For every Thirty day period.

Fb – 18.8 Billion People For each Month.

YouTube – 32.1 Billion People Per Thirty day period.

Medium – 153.1 Million People Per Month.

I may possibly redirect you to other posts on this weblog as properly as Medium posts many instances. Mainly because a written content promoting strategy stretching as broad as this cannot be covered in a solitary write-up.

Sure, I did say you get to leverage around 52 Billion guests per thirty day period, I did not say it is “immediate website traffic”, there is no these detail! But I also mentioned producing revenue, of course. Regretably, like the 52 Billion readers, that far too, will not take place overnight.

But all the targeted traffic you need to create gross sales with affiliate promoting is now available, halt searching for traffic. Just use these content promoting strategies to step in entrance of the already existing visitors.

6 – 8 Months Advancement On Quora for Website traffic to Create Affiliate Promoting profits!

Articles advertising and marketing tactics are mentioned in more detail on Medium, you may possibly want to check out out this Medium Publication.

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Content Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

With any content marketing or traffic-driving strategy, conversion lies in presentation and the ability to create curiosity. You can only create curiosity when you know what your audience is looking for.

Curious presentation is of utmost importance and is usually a featured image (blog post), social post image, or even a YouTube thumbnail. The quality of your content means nothing without a curious presentation.

Your presentation is what gets eyes on your content, the quality thereof must create curiosity. Ask yourself this question. “What are people most likely to search the internet for?

Answers To Questions.

Access To Free Guides.

Solutions To Problems.

That is what people are most likely searching the internet for, in my opinion, and after over a decade online. The key is to find a solution to problems that your audience may be struggling with.

In other words, in order to make money online with affiliate marketing, you must become a problem solver. Solving problems build trust and recognition, making audiences more likely to buy from you.

An effective presentation strategy must address a commonly identified need and suggest a proven solution without any sales pitching. Your content must do the talking.

Presentation marketing strategies are discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication.

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Setting Up Quora Spaces and Medium for Affiliate Marketing.

Quora spaces were formerly known as Quora blogs and come with a variety of free tools. With Quora Spaces you want to include links to your blogs and YouTube channels in the Space description.

We will get to how easy it actually is to have a YouTube channel with high-quality videos without making a single video. You also want to include links like your Medium Profile.

Your Medium profile is one of the gears turning this strategy because, in the end, we need the traffic to our affiliate products to generate sales with affiliate marketing, right?

Medium allows you to use (certain) affiliate links in your Medium publications, but then the post must contain an affiliate disclaimer in the footer. Now your Medium posts (with affiliate offers) is accessible from your Quora Spaces.

See where this is going? We are going to link all of this together for maximum exposure over the largest networks currently on the internet. But also, among the most active audiences.

With Quora Spaces you want to do the same targeting as you would with any blog, page, group, or community. Unlike Facebook, you cannot create a Quora Space with the exact same name as another.

With some Quora spaces, I have been able to reach as many as 659K views per week! I currently have 126 spaces just like this one on Quora. Covering all the top affiliate marketing niches.

Sales with Traffic from Quora Spaces for Affiliate Marketing.

Quora Spaces also comes with a post scheduling tool and will even suggest posts to schedule based on your space topics chosen when scheduling posts.

Combining Quora and Medium is discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication.

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Diving Into Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Groups and Pages.

A few things all these content marketing strategies for affiliate marketing have in common is, consistency, quality, and timing. You have to maintain consistent quality content throughout any content marketing strategy.

Now we’re not going to get into the whole design etc. with Facebook pages and groups because there are literally thousands of videos on YouTube that will show you exactly how.

For this content marketing strategy, you are just going to create Facebook groups and pages related to your niche and affiliate products. Then, you link the page and group it together.

After that, you are going to use the Facebook page button to redirect to a Google Site with your affiliate offers, videos, etc.

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Google Sites and Google Docs are excellent ways to generate sales, especially when you don’t have your own blog, website, and/or online communities yet.

Growing your Facebook audience, like any other audience requires quality content, consistency, and timing. Getting the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

Growing a Facebook Audience is discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication. It also gives you access to the perfect post scheduling and content management tool for all major social networks.

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Getting your Affiliate Marketing YouTube Channel off the ground.

When it comes to YouTube and SEO, it bears a striking resemblance to blogging SEO with a few minor differences. But you will need 3 FREE browser extensions that will help you with video ranking.

With YouTube video ranking you always want to get your target keyword or target search phrase as close to the beginning of the title. Also, place those strategically at the beginning of selected sentences in your video description.

But also, be sure that the target keyword and/or search phrase is also mentioned in the video because video captions will pick that up. Using these browser extensions, I had videos rank rather high even for competitive keywords!

YouTube Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Products for Generating sales.

These 3 FREE browser extensions have helped me rank videos within seconds of uploading them to my YouTube channels. Above you can see why it comes recommended to target the more extensive search phrases.

This also helps with making your audience more targeted. What are they looking for? In this case, they are looking for AI software that can build high-quality backlinks.

Therefore, I used the long-tail search phrases said audience may be more likely to enter into the YouTube search window. See where this is going? Install these 3 browser extensions.

Tube Buddy


Keywords Everywhere

With YouTube, you do not have to make any videos or even show your face for that matter. All the videos you need to use is already available. You just need to know where to find them.

After choosing an affiliate product you would like to promote, enter the name of the product followed by the word “review”. For example (body detox review).

Most affiliate products have videos on YouTube with creative commons licensed that you are allowed to use, but some have not. You will have to find out which do, and which does not.

Next, after you have searched. You want to go to the “filters” in your YouTube studio and be sure that “Creative Commons” is selected from the drop-down menu.

To be double sure, once you choose a video then expand the video description, and right at the bottom it should indicate in blue – Creative Commons License (Reuse Allowed).

Making Money With YouTube is discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication.

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Combining Quora, Medium and YouTube for Affiliate Sales.

Basically, this is all about writing medium posts, based on the Quora answers you wish to answer. But do not use the same content for both answers and Medium posts.

But you also want to upload affiliate product YouTube review videos related to the same topic. Because you want to include one video. And one Medium post with every answer you write on Medium.

It is important that the video and Medium post you include offer value to the discussion, answer, and/or topic at hand. Do not just include random videos and posts. Quora will block and may even ban you!

Write lengthy answers on Quora with outstanding help and solutions. Try to exceed 300 – 400 words because the Quora algorithm does not pay much mind to short tasteless answers with little to no value.

Remember, just like with Medium. When your content is useful enough, your Quora and Medium post may even show up in search engine result pages. Make your content epic!

Combining These Strategies are discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication.

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Indexing Affiliate Links in Search Engines.

Yes, you can index affiliate links in search engines. But we’re not going to index the affiliate ink directly because that cannot be done. But it can be done with this unique URL cloaking and indexing strategy.

For this, you will need your own hosted blog with a domain you own because you are going to need to install a certain plugin. A plugin that cloaks your affiliate links, making them look like blog posts and pages.

That way your affiliate link now becomes indexable in search engines. The cloaked link where your affiliate offer becomes but a slug to the primary domain even has ranking capability in search engines.

To search engines, it appears that you are submitting a blog post or blog page for indexing. Below is proof of one such affiliate product indexed in search engines under my blog domain.

For this demonstration, I have chosen to use one of the more known Clickbank products, called CB Pro Ads. As you can see, the affiliate product is indexed in search engines.

Indexing Affiliate Marketing Products in Search Engines for Sales.

Indexing Affiliate Links is discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication.

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Bonus Traffic To Your Blog If You Have One.

Traffic to any URL actually, I just prefer focusing on both my blog and affiliate offers. This is one of the most effective ad rotators and solo email providers I have seen in over a decade online.

As illustrated below, breathing new life into an old blog as it were. Remarkable traffic growth mainly from top tier countries, making it top quality traffic. This happened within a matter of days.

The traffic is increasing daily as I continue to use these solo ads and ad rotators. The advertising site itself receives around 250K visitors per month, with over 60% of those visitors from top tier countries.

Yes, bordering 100 visitors per day from virtually nothing may not seem much. But any traffic strategy for affiliate marketing takes time. You need to decide what strategy works best for your affiliate marketing sales and then keep going with that.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog or Affiliate Marketing Offer with FREE Solo Ads and Rotators.

I am however rather certain that this particular site will certainly provide you with all the traffic you need. You can even send traffic directly to affiliate links, but there are steps to follow.

Bonus Traffic to Any URL is discussed in more detail on Medium, you may want to check out this Medium Publication.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: To maintain transparency, bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. In all honesty, I link these companies and their products because of their quality. Not only because of the commission I receive from your purchases. But also, because I find these valuable and proven tools because I can assure you, I have tested and thoroughly researched everything I intend to promote. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee. Ranging from a refund period of 2 weeks to 60 days depending on the product.