16 precautionary measures and seizures for 30 million

Sybil T. Mann

Sixteen precautionary measures and the preventive seizure of assets for 30 million euros. It is the outcome of the investigation by the prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta) which triggered the handcuffs, as well as in Campania, also in Turin, Milan and Isernia in Molise. Since this morning the carabinieri have been carrying out an order against 16 people, held in various capacities responsible for criminal associations aimed at the commission of aggravated fraud, money laundering and self-laundering, fraudulent transfer of values, abusive exercise of insurance and insurance brokerage and use of counterfeit trademarks and signs. During 2017, in the face of a substantial increase in the number of complaints presented by primary insurance groups complaining about the marketing of false RCA insurance policies with their brand, the investigative unit of Milan, after having developed an in-depth analysis activity that made it possible to photograph the extent and diffusion of the phenomenon at national level, launched a structured investigation, initially with the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, whose primary acquisitions made it possible right away to identify the place of roots of the association in the agro aversano.

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